Are you loosing customers because the long ordering queue?

As a restaurant owner, it is your calling to provide all customers who walk through your doors with the best food possible. However, that may not be entirely possible if all the seats are filled and you have a snaking long queue of hungry customers waiting outside the door.

Sometimes, you may end up losing more than your fair share of customers to other restaurants nearby because of that very reason.

Fret no more, because there is a better solution to make sure that all your customers walk away with their tummies full!

Automate your business

Introducing a kiosk to the rescue!

This holistic ordering solution will revolutionise your restaurant with its website + mobile + kiosk ordering platform.

Now your customers no longer have to endure the long queues just to taste your food. Your food is just within the click of a button.

How it works in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Customer places an order online or with the printed menu with various QRCode at the shop
  2. Proceed to the kiosk to make payment with EZlink or Credit Card
  3. The receipt of the order is placed through to the kitchen crew
  4. Kitchen crew prepares the order
  5. An SMS will be sent to the customer when the order is ready
  6. Customer picks up order or wait staff readies the order for customer to dine in

How it will make your hungry customers happy?

The kiosk will provide food for your customers who are unable to get a seat in your restaurant as they can simply order their food onsite with these user-friendly kiosks. They can do so simply by scanning the QR codes in the menu or signboards using their smartphones.

Payment is equally quick and easy as customers can choose to pay via their EZ-Link cards or NETS by simply scanning the final code on their smartphones.

What,s more, customers craving for your food, but don,t have the luxury of time can also order their takeaway in advance. They can now make their order online, with payment through PayPal or credit card. This will also benefit dine-in customers who make their orders online as they can minimise the preparation time it takes to ready their meal. In a nutshell, waiting time will be significantly cut down for your customers.

How will this benefit your restaurant?

With this revolutionary platform in place, you no longer have to turn away customers because your business is so good that you don,t have any seats unoccupied!

You will have happy customers with well-fed tummies. No more hungry customers outside your restaurant standing in line only to be frustrated by the waiting time.

In this period of manpower crunch, you will actually be able to do more with less. Think about it, by making use of this platform, your kitchen crew will know well beforehand to prepare a customer's order.

By utilising this platform, your restaurant will operate with maximum efficiency even with limited manpower.

Key Benefits

  1. Cost saving on manpower to take orders or collect payment. Reduce human error in order taking.
  2. Fast turnaround, with traditional self service kiosk, an average person will take about 5-10mins to make an order, that is because the user is going thru the screen menu for the choice of the food. With our solution, customer browse thru the food via the website or on the printed menu, make the payment via the kiosk, just like the cark park system, Just pay & go.
  3. Hygiene, in smaller food stalls, usually the person who collect the cash also helps to prepare the food. With our solution, the cook focus only on preparing the food as the payment is handled by the kiosk.
  4. Accountability, with our solution. All payment will be cashless. You don't have to worry about your cashier returning the wrong sum or the need to install any CCTV monitoring. Our system will have report on every transaction.
  5. Low fee. Unlike online payment which takes about 4-5% per transaction, our solution only require 1%.

So, if you,re looking to take your restaurant to another level, we are here for you.

We are now offering exclusive free trials for the first 5 customers to try out these revolutionary kiosks. Contact us for more details and see how easy it is to transform your business into a cutting-edge 21st century restaurant!
Leave the technicalities to us, you do what you do best: cooking up a storm!

We are so confident about our kiosk solution that we are offering
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